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    • “…..When I enrolled my children at Gardengate they adjusted quickly and just love it! I would highly recommend”
      Natasha Simmers


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    Grades K – 4th

    Gardengate Academy™ has combined the best of its classes and workshops and created a fun afternoon school program for children attending K through 4th grade.

    Our classes are guided with talented educators exposing children to Art, Dance, Music, Science, TKD, Gardening, Piano* and Yoga. In addition Gardengate Academy™ provides a variety of opportunities to practice  math & writing skills.  

    All classes are included in the tuition for our After School Program (excluding individual Piano lessons). 

    Our After School is held Monday through Friday 2:30 to 6:00pm. Gardengate Academy™ offers transportation to children attending Public Schools in Natick including Ben Hem, Memorial and Brown school. 

    Classes are divided into 2 groups on a Reggio style. Primary Group: K – 1st grade & Junior Group: 2nd – 4th grade. Teacher to student radio 9:1

    “Imagine a place… where FUN has a purpose”

    WHO ARE WE …

    Gardengate offers After School programming specially designed to all children entering K through 4th grade.  We dedicate our curriculum in building a supportive environment for kids.

    As parents, it’s your love for your children that turns your house into a home, and at Gardengate it’s our love for our work that transforms our Program into a community. We see ourselves as an extension of the at-home support provided by our families. 

    Here is all about creating opportunities for our students to practice certain competencies including Dance, Art, Drama, Piano, etc… which we call character skills. Whether they realize it or not, we push every child to grow in confidence and independence. 

    Of course, we wouldn’t be able to create such a community if we didn’t have a blast everyday!