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    At Gardengate Academy™ we use the most current academic methods to ensure that children have fun while learning the skills they need for long term success in life.

    Gardengate is a great place to enrich your career while enriching the lives of children.

    “Gardengate where curiosity powers up and self discovery is set in motion”

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    Gardengate Academy™ is now expanding and is looking for talented staff to join our team in Natick and Wellesley, following positions are currently open:

    • School Driver : Part-Time Position in Wellesley, MA 
    • Teacher Certified : For a Lead Teaching Elementary position Part-Time (Afternoon hours) in Wellesley, MA
    • Teacher Certified : For a Lead Teaching Elementary position Part-Time (Afternoon hours) in Natick, MA 
    • Teacher’s Assistant : Part-Time (Afternoon hours) in Wellesley, MA 
    • Teacher’s Assistant : Full-Time in Natick, MA 
    • Infant Toddler Teacher Certified: Lead Teaching position Full-Time in Natick, MA
    • Director 1: Full Time in Natick, MA 

    For more information, contact us at:

  • “ I have gained a lot of experience working at Gardengate Academy, I enjoy working both with classroom curriculum and in teaching dance. I love meeting new students every year and watching returning students grow and mature and creating a bond with the children.”

    — Hope Ausiello

    “I really enjoy my work here at Gardengate. My co-workers foster dedication and committment by providing a rich and caring learning experience for each child… everyone listens to and encourages my input and ideas.”

    — Janet Cramer

    “Working at Gardengate has been a positive experience. The staff is friendly, and is very helpful on a day to day basis. I have greatly appreciated the flexible hours, allowing for me to work around school.”

    — Brooke LeBlanc