Early Childhood Care

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    Gardengate Early Childhood Care will start September 10th, 2018

    Gardengate Academy™ Early Education and Care is for curious minds ready to explore. Our Program focuses on guiding children to master their social skills based on respect, love and teamwork. Our goal is to nurture and sustain children’s natural curiosity in a Reggio style. 

    Our approach to learning is grounded in a great respect for the child, and a dedication to research driven practice. Every decision holds us to the highest standard of creating the optimal conditions for children to learn. Our practice is rooted in what we value as fundamental rights of children to the best education possible.

    Our pedagogy is anchored on a strong understanding of child development and human potential. Some of our practice is familiar early childhood experiences, like digging in mud and singing songs, while other techniques are reflective of the great research tradition and brain science in our educational community.


    Our style is based on creating leaders. It has been proven that children naturally learn best from their peers than from adults. So while instructors encourage children to learn different concepts, they (young and old children) build confidence by helping/guiding each other, accomplish tasks together and making others succeed. Our technique fosters kind leaders who are conscious of others needs. “Leaders” feel in charge and “Buddies” learn without the stress adult’s directions. Our unique “Tools” method is our Reggio Style.     


    Our space is organized to encourage children’s curiosity to reach milestones in their cognitive, social and physical development. Our set ups foster hearing, smelling, touching, tasting and moving. Our Guides (Teachers) empower children in every opportunity to explore new things and get the sense of accomplishment. 

    ART.- Our curriculum has been planned by an Art Therapist exposing children to a wide variety of materials. 

    MUSIC.- We understand children are musical by nature, so we include music on every transition, activity and theme. Poems and Bilingual songs are the base of our curriculum. 

    DANCE.- Is another natural way of expression for children, they master fine and gross motor skills. We use imagery to improve their moves. Memorization, flexibility and performance skills are accomplished thanks to our unique playful method specially designed for their ages and stages.  

    STEAM.- Our program is fully completed with our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engeneering, Art & Math) projects. This brings hands on activities and critical thinking. 

    • “Gardengate is a place where time flies… my kids can’t wait to go to their class”

      G. Milka
    • “Teachers and Director really cares about every child’s individual needs”

      S. Galvin
    • “Gardengate offers a great caring environment for children all ages… we are so happy we are part of this program”

      C. Davis