Gardengate Academy, 249 N Main St, Natick, Massachusetts 01760, United States


Gardengate Academy





Our goal is to cultivate the skills that are at the foundation of a life of happiness and success: cooperative and individual problem-solving, analytical thinking, emotional intelligence and empathy, cultural competence – as well as early literacy and math skills and real-world preparation.

While we prepare our PreK for Elementary education, teachers balance the child’s developing imagination with concrete skills learned through hands-on exploration. We emphasizing authentic experiences rather than a rigid curriculum – based on child's interest 

Children are meant to

"love what they do" 

"run in the rain" 

"be friends"

"learn while having fun"


Math & Critical Thinking

We invite children to learn early math concepts encouraging them to explore counting, classifying, computational strategies, shapes, measurements, addition or other mathematical concepts. As children interact with materials, make discoveries, test theories and practice new skills.


We nurture love of language with manipulative that build a deep understanding of the fundamental components of reading/writing. We offer rich language and concepts in sophisticated ways for natural understanding 


Children actively work on the projects through hands-on experiences, construct their knowledge of science with their peers and teachers by questioning and theorizing, and love the subject matter by following what they inquire for and what they are interested in.

Arts & Architecture

The goal of offering open-ended art experiences with various media is to emphasize the process of creation, rather than the goal of being a finished product. By introducing art media through open-ended full explorations, children come to fully understand a medium: how it behaves, how it can be used, how it feels on our bodies and what tools are needed to work with it.

Reading & Writing

We use  four approaches to the multisensory way of learning handwriting: visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and tactile. Our Teachers incorporate these four approaches at various times while making it engaging, exciting, and interactive for the child. 

Reggio Emergent curriculum

This philosophy of teaching and way of planning curriculum focuses on being responsive to children's interests to create meaningful learning experiences.  Teachers carefully observe and reflect on the students to create and adjust the curriculum and make every day a joyful experience for our children