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Preschool year is a period where children experience rapid development. Children are fascinated by the world around them and exploration and discovery is a natural practice. 

Our classrooms combined in a wide age group so children have the opportunity to Lead and be led by their peers.  We stress the opportunity to Lead activities around the room and with their friends by adding independent stations 

Our classrooms are organized to encourage both the youngest child’s interest in concrete manipulative materials and the older child’s increasing understanding of abstract concepts. Older children build confidence by helping their younger friends succeed at tasks they have completed themselves.

Children have the right to...

"Make mistakes and learn from these..." 

"Have a highly trained and loving Teacher"

"Explore in a natural environment"

"Be viewed as great artist"

"Enjoy ordinary moments" 


Sensory stations that develop all of the senses initiate critical thinking skills, preparing students for future challenges in mathematics, science, and language.


We nurture love of language with manipulative that build a deep understanding of the fundamental components of reading/writing. We offer rich language and concepts in sophisticated ways for natural understanding 


We capture children's curiosity to explore their world.  Our "Outside Classroom" approach takes children to understand concepts fully in their natural habitat. Water Cycle, Dinosaurs, Planets, waterways, birds, and anything that comes to their mind about the world around us. 

Arts & Architecture

We provide new tools for children to open a new way of looking at the world around them.  At our classroom you might see groups of young children studying bridges, waterways, construction sites or learning about Artist around the world depending on which aspects of their world inspire their curiosity.

Reading & Writing

Children learn Literacy naturally as we include this as part of their play.  Every Space welcomes reading and writing. our teachers add on rich vocabulary and offer different ways to explore letters. Whether is writing on sand or placing color beads on a paper, children feel eager to express  this via. 

Reggio Emergent curriculum

This philosophy of teaching and way of planning curriculum focuses on being responsive to children's interests to create meaningful learning experiences.  Teachers carefully observe and reflect on the students to create and adjust the curriculum and make every day a joyful experience for our children


Brightwheel App

For our Preschool group, we utilize the Brightwheel app so that parents can have a communication platform which allows an instant snapshot of the child's daily activities through pictures, text, and video.
This is an opportunity for you to  know exactly what  the day looked like for:

  • Activities
  • Nap schedules
  • Food schedule
  • Changing Schedule
  • Injuries
  • Child's general needs