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About our teens program

An Opportunity for Teens to Learn & Work

At Gardengate Academy, we aim to provide an opportunity for teenagers to learn about working in a team, leadership, commitment, and growth. While there are very few opportunities for teens to find employment, we look to be the best place to start.

~ This is an opportunity to become leader and a good role model!

Gardengate stresses the fact that teen's first priority is their school. So while we are looking for committed individuals, flexible schedules and seasonal positions are available.

TO APPLY: Submit full name, school attending 1 - 2 references and a paragraph describing why you feel ready to work!

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Ariana Tahmili

Ariana is a sophomore at NHS. She loves music and has been part of the Natick High Choir for two years. Outside of school, her passion is dance. She enrolled at Gardengate to attend dance classes when they first opened. Her dance career started within the walls of Gardengate and has only grown. She has volunteered at the Middlesex Safety Camp as a CIT for a few summers. Ariana also assisted  Wayland Cheer and had volunteered  fundraising events with her choir for NHS. 

Ariana loves being surrounded by children and take the lead on some activities. Ariana is thrilled to be able to assist in the classroom alongside Gardengate's extraordinary teachers.

When she is not dancing her other interests include being with friends and family, watching movies, and going to the beach.


Laurel Sheehy

Laurel is a sophomore at NHS. Through the child growth educational program, she is on her way to being certified as a daycare teacher. She loves to play sports like tennis, field hockey, and lacrosse. She enjoys spending time on the beach, boating, and loves to paddleboard. Over the summer, Laurel also volunteers as a teacher assistant for the NHS education connections program where she tutored middle school students with special needs to help them progress. She continued this work by joining the Connections After School club during the year. The other club she works in is the Meds- Society club where she raises money for Boston Children's Hospital through different charity events.  Laurel has always loved working with children for as long as she can remember. She loves being able to see their imagination flourish. Laurel started with Gardengate in her younger years which was an impactful part of her childhood and where she spent so much time. She is so grateful to be a part of this amazing program again.


Renata Maza

Renata is a sophomore at Wayland High School. She is a passionate individual who loves being with children. Her always active and positive personality naturally encourages children to aim for the best at what they do. Renata has been at Gardengate ever since she can remember, dancing and working on art projects. Now she is gladly supporting and assisting our teachers leading some activities in our classrooms or dance classes. 

Renata loves any kind of sport however her passion for dance, which started at Gardengate at the age of 6 had continued, now becoming Gold Medalist in Ball Room dance 2020 for the Metrowest County. 

Renata loves being at Gardengate and wishes to continue seeing all children flourish as successful individuals by providing a fun, loving environment. 


Brooke LeBlanc Graduated Teen 2019

"I’m Brooke LeBlanc and I am a first-year pre-medical student  at Umass Amherst. When I’m not doing my school work you can catch me on the volleyball court,  or eating lots of ice cream at the dining hall (UMass is #1 in the country for food after all). I was fortunate enough to begin working at Gardengate during my sophomore year of high school, and I loved it so much I stayed until, sadly, I had to leave for college. Working with such a wonderful, compassionate, and fun-loving staff I got the opportunity to learn so many new things and challenge myself in new ways every day. I grew so much as a leader and an educator, but most importantly I learned what it truly means to be part of a team. Working with such incredible staff and fantastic children certainly kept me on my toes, yet I loved every second of getting to help these young minds grow and develop. Gardengate is a wonderful place to work and I would recommend it to anyone with a true love for children. As scary as it may seem, we’re all still kids at heart right? You’d be surprised at what a great job you can do!"


Carina Gormley Graduated Teen 2013

Carina Gormley is a 2020 graduate of Yale College majoring in architecture and concentrating in urbanism. She dedicated most of her time outside of class to working with local homeless advocacy and service organizations. When not involved in social service, education, or design initiatives, she enjoys exploring places on foot, spending time with friends, cooking, and watching critically-acclaimed movies and television. When Carina started working at Gardengate, it had just opened its doors. Much of her work there involved helping out at children's birthday parties. Later, she led cooking classes, a martial arts exercises class, arts, and craft activities, and work help sessions for older participants. It was an amazing opportunity to learn how to adapt to the many surprises of running a class or event, and grow with the many different kinds of young people attending classes and activities at Gardengate!