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Motivating self-motivated, life-long learners

At Gardengate, toddlers are exposed to a variety of opportunities inside and outside  the classroom  to explore, engage, and master tasks to reach key milestones in their cognitive, physical, and social/emotional development.

Our Reggio curriculum includes:

  • Practical Life  caring for self, others, and our environment.
  • Mathematics understanding quantity, patterns, and shapes.
  • Music includes creative singing, finger-play, and rhythm.
  • Dance Movement practicing gross motor skills through joyful music time
  • Science measuring, mixing, trial and error practices.  

Our pedagogy is anchored on a strong understanding of child development and human potential. Some of our practice is familiar early childhood experiences, like digging in mud and singing songs, while other techniques are reflective day life experiences such as balancing, measuring, serving meals, caring for young ones or being led by older Toddlers. Children learn from one another while teacher observes. 

Every Toddler Deserves

"To be loved the way he/she is"

"to be outside every day, rain or shine"

"to be spoken respectfully" 

"to hear rich language and concepts in sophisticated ways"

"to express emotions and learn how to channel feelings with care"

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